These cabinets have had us cursing a few times this week but we persevere.

One of our absolute favorite things to paint are kitchen cabinets. Why you say? Because every set of kitchen cabinets are different. They definitely are not all created equal. We have to do them differently for each set of cabinets we come across, of course a lot of the things we do are the same...for example spraying the doors. Basically to sum it up it keeps us entertained so we don't have to do the same ole boring thing everyday. Totally kidding we love all kinds of painting over here but of course everyone has their favorites!


Today we got mad at the wind. Threw a tantrum when plastic blew over a freshly painted door. Just a door you say? Literally the last door! The wind decided to try and mess up the last door we had to spray and then we almost ran out of primer but thankfully had just enough to finish! The drawers were not only screwed on but basically anchored down like they needed to secure them in case a hurricane hits New England. The day before we quickly realized they used 3 different kinds of hinges to hang the doors. Some of the hinges were definitely hammered into the cutout holes so they had to pried off. During that I got bruised, cut, and sore. I promise I am not complaining because I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world but I do want to share that even with years of experience we all face some times where we question what the heck we are doing but in the end we just laugh it off, learn from the struggle, and realize even with things not going perfect that it was still a great day. We got all of the wood doors primed on both sides, got to be out in the sunshine, and was able to work another day when that is the most insecure thing most people are facing right now. 


Welcome to 2020. Where life will test you and you will learn more than you've ever l cearned about life before. You learn how to appreciate even something as simple as just being alive. When things get minimized and people get further away than ever before it gives you a chance to truly appreciate and be grateful for everything you have had and still do have. When anyone is going through the struggle it is hard to look at the positive instead of the negative but just know one day when you make it through this you will look back and laugh, let a little sigh out, smile at the sky, and realize how even the bad has some good in it.