Accent walls give you a unique look everyone will adore!


You want your walls painted you say but you can't just settle for one color?! Well guess what...I encourage you to pick 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 colors and we'll make it look damn good with the right strategy. Crazy? Nooo. More like creative.

You can paint every room that is separated a different color. You can throw in accent walls. You can paint doors, trim, closets and even ceilings a different color! How? By simply using your imagination. Every room you do make sure the colors you are choosing around it compliments each other. If you choose to paint your trim purple then paint that trim purple, I definitely wont stop you! But at least paint the walls white so we don't get a barney color scheme going on here because that one I probably would leave out of my website sealed sorry about that. 

It's easy to make things too "busy" or even too "simple" if your naturally a vibrant person but thankfully with a little bit of help you can make your home a piece of art in the flick of a paint brush (and maybe a roller and some paint..that may help us out a bit).