Nothing brightens up your home like a new coat of paint

Colorful Aspects Painting specializes in interior painting. We do Cabinet Refinishing, Wall Paper Removal, Fireplace white-washing/Lime-washing, bookshelves, bathroom vanity's, hand railings, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms...literally everything inside your house we can paint. We have even freshened up outlets with a safe product for temporary fixes to discolored or painted over electrical outlets and we have painted old ceiling fans. Paint is a miracle product for things that have worn down or don't look great as is. You must always make sure you prep things correctly before you paint in order to get perfection and that is why we are here!

Over the years we have tested out all kinds of different products, different brands, different sheens, and different ingredients. This ensures you that you are getting the best product when we paint your home. Cheap products are harder to use, take a lot more work to get it to look right, and do not last nearly as long. If we wouldn't put it in our own home we wouldn't put it into yours. Every product we used is backed by a warranty because we are that confident that what we are using will not fail in your home.

One of the best ways to fancy up your home is to give it a new coat of paint. Sometimes choosing a color can be a confusing process. Not a problem. We can help by offering you large color catalogs from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We can also give you the latest colors, the most popular over the years, and suggest ones that would look great in your home, all FOR FREE. Whether you are planning to paint a small bedroom or an entire house, we provide high quality services that will last for years.

Our meticulous preparation is why our projects look beautiful and last for a long time. We make sure the area is clear of furniture, and any items left are covered. All wall surfaces are prepared by removing old nails, curtain rod hangers, etc. from walls and trim. Hardware on doors and windows that are staying get removed or covered. Patching any necessary holes and filling in cracks/gaps make the finish work pristine. Floors always get covered even if they are being replaced in the future!

Keeping your home functional and clean during the process is why clients love us. No on wants to come home and have to work around us, we work around you.The best part about choosing us, when the job is we do the clean up for complete, we do the cleanup for you. We would never leave our customers with a mess to clean up or have them have to hire cleaner when we can easily do it. We take pride in leaving your home the way it was when we arrived!

Our Interior paint services include:    

  • Painting walls, ceilings, and trim;
  • Repairing walls, ceilings and trim;
  • Painting interior wall surfaces;
  • Painting and staining wooden staircases/spindles.
  • Wallpaper removal;
  • Converting wood to white;
  • Handrails
  • Cabinets
  • Vanity's