Protect your home against the Weather and Seasons


Painting your house not only beautifies your property, it protects your home from the harsh New England seasons. 
Painting seals and protects the surfaces to lengthen the life of your investment considerably. We at Colorful Aspects Painting make sure every exterior surface is correctly prepped and primed for painting, then always apply two coats of finish paint to maximize coverage and durability.


A typical pre-paint prep includes:

  • Scraping and sanding exterior surfaces to remove peeling and chipping paint;
  • Replacing and fixing holes and rot
  • Pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew, debris, oils and loose paint;
  • Caulking cracks and spaces 
  • Priming any raw wood after scraping and sanding

We invest a fair amount of time preparing your house for painting to ensure the finish holds and can withstand the elements outdoors. If a house isn't properly prepped before applying paint then in no time it will start peeling, not look uniform, and will not have that brand new finish look. Once the preparation is finished, we prime any bare spots on the house before applying the finish paint to further protect your home from the elements outdoors.  

Our Exteriors services include:

  • Extensive surface preparation;
  • Removal, or taping, of all the hardware and lights on your home;
  • Fixing holes/rot
  • Paint or Staining on siding, garage doors, trim, and gutters
  • Painting of doors, club houses, cabanas, gazebos and decks.