Cabinet Refinishing

An easy way to brighten up your home

One thing about owning your home is you want it to look the best it can. When you walk into a room you want all that positive energy to come rushing to you. No one wants to walk around just to feel depressed and gloomy. That is why we do what we do. That is why we update, refresh, brighten, make changes, clean, and want new things. It is all because we want to feel good. We believe that we can bring you that positive energy, that we can change people's mindsets at a cost effective rate instead of breaking the bank having to buy something new.

Modernizing your home by converting wood cabinets to white or another color can give you that feeling. Cabinet converting is the best cost effective way to brighten up your home and get the kitchen you've always wanted. 

All of our cabinets get sprayed to give you the "fresh out of the factory" look.

Before we even start we cover the floors and counter tops for protection. All of the doors and hinges get labeled to go back in their rightful spots. Any cracks, gaps, and holes gets filled in to make it all solid. Everything gets primed with an oil based, stain killing paint to ensure durability and coverage. We sand everything down twice, once before we prime them and once after we prime them which provides a smooth surface for the finish paint.

Painting cabinets takes a lot of detailed and precise work so hiring a professional for this is a smart decision.

Step 1: Take off and label all cabinet doors

Step 2: Remove all hardware from doors making sure to keep hinges that are pre-adjusted for the door in their correct spot by labeling 

Step 3: Sand down all doors and cabinet boxes

Step 4: Prime doors and boxes with Killz oil stain blocking primer

Step 5: Buff down all doors and boxes to ensure perfect finish

Step 6: Spray finish coat on doors for factory finish, brush in the remainder of the boxes with 2 coats of finish paint.

Step 7: Put all doors back in their original spots.

** When we do cabinets we even take more steps than this to ensure cleanliness and perfectionism but a quality look can still be achieved by following these steps

​Cabinet Repainting is perfect for:

  • Kitchen Cabinets;
  • Bathroom Vanities;
  • Built-in Bookcases;
  • Built-in Hutches;