We spread the paint. You spread the word. One of our finest assets are our customers word and without it we wouldn't be succeeding. To give back to our customers that spread the word for us we send referral bonus checks when we land the job. To give back a percentage to that is priceless. 

Painting the world one house at a time. Interior. Exterior. Cabinets. Furniture. You name it and we paint it. 

These cabinets have had us cursing a few times this week but we persevere.

One of our absolute favorite things to paint are kitchen cabinets. Why you say? Because every set of kitchen cabinets are different. They definitely are not all created equal. We have to do them differently for each set of cabinets we come across, of course a lot of the things we do are the same...for example spraying the doors. Basically to sum it up it keeps us entertained so we don't have to do the same ole boring thing everyday. Totally kidding we love all kinds of painting over here but of course everyone has their favorites!


Today we got mad at the wind. Threw a tantrum when plastic blew over a freshly painted door. Just a door you say? Literally the last door! The wind decided to try and mess up the last door we had to spray and then we almost ran out of primer but thankfully had just enough to finish! The drawers were not only screwed on but basically anchored down like they needed to secure them in case a hurricane hits New England. The day before we quickly realized they used 3 different kinds of hinges to hang the doors. Some of the hinges were definitely hammered into the cutout holes so they had to pried off. During that I got bruised, cut, and sore. I promise I am not complaining because I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world but I do want to share that even with years of experience we all face some times where we question what the heck we are doing but in the end we just laugh it off, learn from the struggle, and realize even with things not going perfect that it was still a great day. We got all of the wood doors primed on both sides, got to be out in the sunshine, and was able to work another day when that is the most insecure thing most people are facing right now. 


Welcome to 2020. Where life will test you and you will learn more than you've ever l cearned about life before. You learn how to appreciate even something as simple as just being alive. When things get minimized and people get further away than ever before it gives you a chance to truly appreciate and be grateful for everything you have had and still do have. When anyone is going through the struggle it is hard to look at the positive instead of the negative but just know one day when you make it through this you will look back and laugh, let a little sigh out, smile at the sky, and realize how even the bad has some good in it. 


Accent walls give you a unique look everyone will adore!


You want your walls painted you say but you can't just settle for one color?! Well guess what...I encourage you to pick 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 colors and we'll make it look damn good with the right strategy. Crazy? Nooo. More like creative.

You can paint every room that is separated a different color. You can throw in accent walls. You can paint doors, trim, closets and even ceilings a different color! How? By simply using your imagination. Every room you do make sure the colors you are choosing around it compliments each other. If you choose to paint your trim purple then paint that trim purple, I definitely wont stop you! But at least paint the walls white so we don't get a barney color scheme going on here because that one I probably would leave out of my website sealed sorry about that. 

It's easy to make things too "busy" or even too "simple" if your naturally a vibrant person but thankfully with a little bit of help you can make your home a piece of art in the flick of a paint brush (and maybe a roller and some paint..that may help us out a bit).

One of the benefits of hiring someone who has been doing something for years is you get all of their experience along with it! Granted not every company out there is created equal but one thing we have enjoyed doing over the years is trying out all different kinds of products to find the best ones. 

Every home is different and every home needs different products depending on what you are painting so don't be deferred if you've always used a different product on your home or if another company chose different products because even though they are not all created equal some people just have different preferences on what to use. Here we wanted to show you some of the best products we use regularly. Not everyone is listed here but all the ones that will be listed are ones we have tried, used, and love.


Welcome to the year 2020 with Colorful Aspects Painting. We thank every single one of you who has helped support our business over the years and who stick with us year after year. You are the fruit to our tree and we couldn't of done it without all of our adoring customers. Lets welcome in the new year with even bigger goals and even more motivation!

We accomplished a couple absolutely stunning dining rooms before the new year. Both of these dining rooms were done at different homes but they were so similar that we just had to compare them side by side!

The first dining room featured was done in Hollis, NH. It has a rustic wall paper finish and we sprayed out the chair rail, windows, french doors. and doorways to brighten it all up. We converted the inner flat part of the ceiling to a light sandy color to make the ceiling pop.

The second dining room featured was done in Windham, NH for new home owners. They wanted to freshen up their house before moving in and that is exactly what we accomplished for them!

The third dining room featured was our Mont Vernon project. Here we sprayed out all the trim with Chantilly Lace to brighten it up and painted the walls with Hazelwood to give it a nice contrast. The ceiling has the same design as the first one with the flat center but we kept this one flat white to not overpower the rest of the room.

The biggest tip I can give to anyone when painting their own home is to purchase drop cloths! These specific ones actually have rubber bumps on the bottom to prevent sliding. They are perfect for staircases or just to run along wood floors. This allows you to paint safely without having to worry about getting paint on the floor or on furniture. They can be thrown over anything to protect it and are especially good at saving your butt when accidents happen.

These cover grip drop cloths were purchased right at Home Depot and you can also buy them on Amazon.



The best part about painting your cabinets is you have an entire array of colors you can choose from. From basic white to black, if you dream it we can do it. 

This color Alabaster from the Sherwin Williams collection is a neutral off white. It carries beige undertones so it is perfect for anyone who loves white but doesn't want it to look too bright. 

To compliment the cabinets we did the walls a shade of gray to really make them stand out and pop. The wall color was also from the Sherwin Williams collection called On The Rocks.

As i'm sure you can tell from all of the cabinet jobs we've posted but we take great pride in our Cabintry. Everyone done is another step to perfecting the system that ensures you have the cabinets you've always dreamed about at a price you can afford. We don't take the quality of our work lightly, failing isn't an option here at Colorful Aspects Painting.


Having a little bit of fun producing these cabinet doors, our friend chose Mozart Blue for her kitchen cabinets. This historical color is going o look great against their white appliances and light colored walls/back-splash they are also getting done.

Step 1: take off and label all cabinet doors so they can go back into their original spot

Step 2: lightly sand the doors until they have a smooth finish and dust off

Step 3: spray doors with Killz stain blocking oil primer

Step 4: lightly sand doors down one more time for any imperfections or rough spots

Step 5: spray finish coat on doors and let dry/cure fully before transporting

** take same steps on the squares that are left on the cabinets before putting the cabinet doors back on, when changing from wood to a color you must caulk and putty  any holes/cracks.




Since we take pride in the efficiency of our work our design team created a spray room for cabinet doors. Why you say? because this allows us to re-finish kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity's, and furniture without having to mess up your home. You can get factory finish cabinets without having to pay the price to completely replace them. Convert wood or painted cabinets and furniture to whatever your heart desires without having to lose quality. 


We specialize in refinishing cabinets by taking specific steps to making your old cabinets look factory new. Lets just say we don't just slap some paint on them and call it a day. you can check out our Cabinetry section on the site for our step by step procedure. This cabinet door spray room was created by Jeffrey Meyers design team leader for Colorful Aspects Painting. 



These pictures belong to the Paul Otis building built in 1876. It has of course been modernized on the interior as much as possible since it was built. Older homes definitely can have their downfalls but they also have a lot of uniqueness that you don't typically see in modern homes. 

This home features interior shutters on the windows. You can leave the bottoms one closed and open the top ones for a little bit of privacy or you can open them all and enjoy the sunlight. The shutters are also on one of the doorways covering the tall glass windows accenting it where you can open or close them to view the outdoors. It has an interior barn like door blocking off the hallway leading to the basement door so you can choose to have it latched shut to hide the doors behind it or keep it open for easy access. There are two built in bookshelves in the living room. In the upstairs bedrooms one has two sliding closets and the other has built in drawers/cabinet with glass doors.

Every home owner deserves a beautiful home and after all the expenses of purchasing a home it can seem a little unreasonable to be spending money on making the inside look the way you've always dreamed. The good news is there are so many resources out there that can make your dreams a lot more achievable. Yes I own a painting company and yes my job is to get clients to keep my business going but I don't always believe paying someone to do the work is always the right call. If I was tight on money or my future wasn't set so I know I wouldn't be struggling in a couple months because of it then I personally would not be spending the money for things that I could do myself. When you are in that spot in life here are some ideas you can follow to do it yourself and save the money.

1. Painting can be a lot of work if you are looking at your entire house, especially for someone who isn't experienced in it. If you can pick and choose whats bad and what you can wait on then it will save you a lot of time. Re-paint the rooms that you know you cannot live with and the things that are so bad they are an eye sore first. This will make your home look good even if you don't have time to get to the rest. Do the areas you know you can do yourself and save the ones you might need help with last so if you end up needing to hire someone you'll feel a little bit better of spending your money on doing so.

2. Materials: paint can be pricey if you have to buy a lot but paint does go a long way. You don't want to cheap out when doing this because it will cost you in the long run. Cheaper paint will fail in a couple years where as if you spend that extra $10 to get paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore instead of home depot it will last and you won't have to completely re-do it in a year. Buying good paint can also save you from having to do multiple coats on something because it didn't cover with the cheap paint.

3. Prep first so when you apply the paint it will be your last and final step. When you skip caulking the cracks and puttying the holes your finished product will not look as good. You want to sand/scrape off any rough areas and then when you apply the paint your finish is going to look smooth compared to showing the flaws that you didn't fix.

4. Rolling walls: buy a 14" roller instead of the regular 8". The 14" allows you to cover more space in a shorter amount of time and if you have to buy a roller set up anyways then you might as well get the one that will make your life easier. They also sell an 18" but those are hard for areas that are not level since they may miss concave areas.

5. Colors: choosing neutral colors can prevent you from having to paint your house again if you get new furniture or decide your sick of a color. When you're choosing bold colors make sure it is something you can live with until you have enough money and time to change it again.

For more information on what to do go ahead and give us a call. Colorful Aspects Painting gives out advice for free even if you are not trying to hire us for a job we would love to help you out. Call Emily Bergeron at 603 508 0558.



We all know when the air starts getting that crisp chill in it that fall and winter are right around the corner. To make it a little bit more enjoyable Colorful Aspects Painting is going to give every customer who mentions this blog post $100 off their next living room repaint in the months of fall! We want everyone to have a living room they can relax in with their friends and family over the winter without having to worry about the way it looks. It's actually a known fact that when you take care of your home it literally can bring you joy. When you have walls that need to painted, cracks that need to be filled, holes that need to be puttied then if you are anything like me it literally makes your life feel incomplete. Inquire within to get your discounted rate for a fresh living room repaint! 


Recently finished up this big cabinet project yesterday. We made the island black to give the kitchen a little more depth and painted the rest of the cabinets White Dove. They even had their granite replaced so it's an entire new look for this kitchen!

Repainting your cabinets can be a cost effective way to update your kitchen without having to completely gut all your cabinets and replace them. They definitely still cost money having a professional do them right but it is well worth the money. You can convert wood cabinets to any color and still have a factory finish look by having Colorful Aspects Painting transform them for you. We use the best products made for durability and sustainability, we take great pride in making sure they come out perfect, and we have an entire process to ensure they look pristine. 

As much as we would all like to think we can just throw a coat of paint on cabinets and call it a day it is not that simple. Cabinets need to be sanded and primed with a stain blocking oil before you can apply the finish coat. Skipping steps to save time is only going to cost you in the long run. They will eventually start to peal and chip and then at that point you are in a bigger mess than before you started. Hire a professional, get a quote, work it into your budget. You deserve the kitchen you've always dreamed of so it's time to spoil yourself.

The one and only task a home owner should have when hiring a painter is choosing their paint colors. A lot of the time people don't realize that is actually a fairly hard task to accomplish and here is why. 

1. The color chips you look at are just there for color reference, it will actually look different in your home.

2. Everyone's home is different. A color in your friend's home can cast different undertones in your own.

3. You want to consider what other colors are in and around the room you are painting to make sure they flow well together.

4. Samples are your best friend. Narrow it down to the colors you like the best, get samples of them, and paint them on the wall in different areas/different lighting.

5. Different sheen's can also make your walls look different. Some have a shine and some do not. It is important to illustrate exactly how you want it to look to your painter so they can better accommodate you.


With the right help and the right knowledge anyone can easily become a master at this without having to experience all the mistakes previous homeowners have had to. I always say it is better to be safe than sorry. You may have to spend a little more time on trying out different colors but at least when you choose one you will be confident in it and it will save you money in the long run. There is nothing worse than having to throw away money to pay your help to do something a second time when it could of been avoided.


Bedroom Wall Color: Revere Pewter

Paint: Regal Select Eggshell by Benjamin Moore

Paint Master: Emily Bergeron


Bathroom Wall Color: White Dove

Paint: Regal Select Eggshell by Benjamin Moore

Paint Master: Emily Bergeron

Entertain your painter by going bold!

Color: Green Monster from the Boston Red Sox

The best part about renovating your home is you can have some fun with it. It doesn't have to be boring and it certainly doesn't have to be like everyone else. Bring out your own unique style with a color you adore. 

This one of course is for the all men and women out there that love the Boston Red Sox. We painted the walls Green Monster, the trim white dove, and the ceiling flat white. I certainly wish I got a picture of it after they hung up all of their sports memorabilia but i'm sure I will be back one day to paint another room and can get one then. 

You can transform your visions into reality by calling Colorful Aspects Painting.



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Absolutely love this sun room now!

The old pine wood gave us some troubles, but with a little persistence and experience we completely transformed this room to something incredible. 

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Selling your home often comes with small improvements and do-it-yourself adjustments to attract buyers. 

Have you ever stopped to think about whether the color of your house matters? It turns out the color of your house does matter, and it could matter a lot!

Houses with yellow exteriors are reportedly selling for $3,408 less than what home sellers expect. While other colors can add $6000 to the value of your house. So picking the right color can yield you a lot of extra money.

Cool and neutral interior wall colors are what buyers will like best. It gives them the chance to imagine your home as their home, without being distracted by odd color choices, or clashing themes.

Light blue bathrooms, and tan or gray-colored living rooms are especially popular. Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, Silver Chain, Gray Owl, and Coventry Gray are trending for the most popular neutral home colors. 

A 2018 report by Zillow viewed some 135,000 pictures of sold properties to see how their paint colors impacted their value.

They concluded "Homes with black front doors, tuxedo kitchen cabinets and periwinkle blue bathrooms sold for as much as a $6,000 premium". 


That simple front door painting job that you've been putting off?

It could net you a lot of money! 

Of course you don't have to figure out all the colors, color schemes, and paint types by yourself. That's why we're here!

We have many years of experience in painting, selecting the best colors and paints for your house. 

Together with you, we will look at the best possibilities, and we will help and advise you in every way possible.


"We Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own"

It is not merely a slogan we just came up with! 

We really take pride in our work and advice. We truly want to make you be amazed at how good your exteriors, interiors, cabinets, bathrooms, etc. can look!

We find joy and satisfaction in helping you get the best out of your house.

Remember... "We Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own"!

We treat our home with respect and care. And we will do the same for your home!


Contact us for a chat, a free estimate, advice.




Converting wood is an affordable way to modernize and brighten up your home!

For this one we are even converting tile to white for a fresh, clean look! 

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Stuck in traffic dreaming of Silver Chains 😆 

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 Been working all week to get this full interior done! Some after-photos of the boys' bedrooms

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Cabinet Refinish week #18 #colorfulaspectspainting #painting#newhampshire

Color of the week (#18) : Manor Blue by Benjamin Moore.

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  1. Just because it looks old does not mean it belongs in the garbage, refinishing old furniture is easy and a lot cheaper than buying new furniture
  2. Decorations do not have to be expensive to look good, Wal-Mart and hobby lobby should be your go to place
  3. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Everything you hire someone to do for you, you can do yourself.
  4. Learn tricks: heaters can be painted, outlets can actually also be painted with the right product.
  5. New outlet covers are extremely cheap and they do make a difference.
  6. Paint can hide mostly ANYTHING, if I could marry paint I probably would. It's my best friend as sad as that is to admit.
  7. If you have scrap wood laying around then use it! You can make simple furniture, decorative boxes, and replace wood rot on the cheap.
  8. Use the internet! Everything you are unsure of you can master in the click of a button. Google makes life easier.
  9. Always remember prep is everything, if you want to paint something don't skip the prep.
  10. Last but not least you do not have to be a professional at something to do it, get ideas from others. I do recommend you educate yourself on it before diving in though.


Painting risers on your stairs with oil will not only give it more durability but will also give you the best possible finish and you can't beat that shine!

Check out the video to watch how it should be applied! #colorfulaspectspainting #painting #newhampshire #tricksofthetrade #contractor


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