These pictures belong to the Paul Otis building built in 1876. It has of course been modernized on the interior as much as possible since it was built. Older homes definitely can have their downfalls but they also have a lot of uniqueness that you don't typically see in modern homes. 

This home features interior shutters on the windows. You can leave the bottoms one closed and open the top ones for a little bit of privacy or you can open them all and enjoy the sunlight. The shutters are also on one of the doorways covering the tall glass windows accenting it where you can open or close them to view the outdoors. It has an interior barn like door blocking off the hallway leading to the basement door so you can choose to have it latched shut to hide the doors behind it or keep it open for easy access. There are two built in bookshelves in the living room. In the upstairs bedrooms one has two sliding closets and the other has built in drawers/cabinet with glass doors.