Every home owner deserves a beautiful home and after all the expenses of purchasing a home it can seem a little unreasonable to be spending money on making the inside look the way you've always dreamed. The good news is there are so many resources out there that can make your dreams a lot more achievable. Yes I own a painting company and yes my job is to get clients to keep my business going but I don't always believe paying someone to do the work is always the right call. If I was tight on money or my future wasn't set so I know I wouldn't be struggling in a couple months because of it then I personally would not be spending the money for things that I could do myself. When you are in that spot in life here are some ideas you can follow to do it yourself and save the money.

1. Painting can be a lot of work if you are looking at your entire house, especially for someone who isn't experienced in it. If you can pick and choose whats bad and what you can wait on then it will save you a lot of time. Re-paint the rooms that you know you cannot live with and the things that are so bad they are an eye sore first. This will make your home look good even if you don't have time to get to the rest. Do the areas you know you can do yourself and save the ones you might need help with last so if you end up needing to hire someone you'll feel a little bit better of spending your money on doing so.

2. Materials: paint can be pricey if you have to buy a lot but paint does go a long way. You don't want to cheap out when doing this because it will cost you in the long run. Cheaper paint will fail in a couple years where as if you spend that extra $10 to get paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore instead of home depot it will last and you won't have to completely re-do it in a year. Buying good paint can also save you from having to do multiple coats on something because it didn't cover with the cheap paint.

3. Prep first so when you apply the paint it will be your last and final step. When you skip caulking the cracks and puttying the holes your finished product will not look as good. You want to sand/scrape off any rough areas and then when you apply the paint your finish is going to look smooth compared to showing the flaws that you didn't fix.

4. Rolling walls: buy a 14" roller instead of the regular 8". The 14" allows you to cover more space in a shorter amount of time and if you have to buy a roller set up anyways then you might as well get the one that will make your life easier. They also sell an 18" but those are hard for areas that are not level since they may miss concave areas.

5. Colors: choosing neutral colors can prevent you from having to paint your house again if you get new furniture or decide your sick of a color. When you're choosing bold colors make sure it is something you can live with until you have enough money and time to change it again.

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