The one and only task a home owner should have when hiring a painter is choosing their paint colors. A lot of the time people don't realize that is actually a fairly hard task to accomplish and here is why. 

1. The color chips you look at are just there for color reference, it will actually look different in your home.

2. Everyone's home is different. A color in your friend's home can cast different undertones in your own.

3. You want to consider what other colors are in and around the room you are painting to make sure they flow well together.

4. Samples are your best friend. Narrow it down to the colors you like the best, get samples of them, and paint them on the wall in different areas/different lighting.

5. Different sheen's can also make your walls look different. Some have a shine and some do not. It is important to illustrate exactly how you want it to look to your painter so they can better accommodate you.


With the right help and the right knowledge anyone can easily become a master at this without having to experience all the mistakes previous homeowners have had to. I always say it is better to be safe than sorry. You may have to spend a little more time on trying out different colors but at least when you choose one you will be confident in it and it will save you money in the long run. There is nothing worse than having to throw away money to pay your help to do something a second time when it could of been avoided.


Bedroom Wall Color: Revere Pewter

Paint: Regal Select Eggshell by Benjamin Moore

Paint Master: Emily Bergeron


Bathroom Wall Color: White Dove

Paint: Regal Select Eggshell by Benjamin Moore

Paint Master: Emily Bergeron