1. Just because it looks old does not mean it belongs in the garbage, refinishing old furniture is easy and a lot cheaper than buying new furniture
  2. Decorations do not have to be expensive to look good, Wal-Mart and hobby lobby should be your go to place
  3. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Everything you hire someone to do for you, you can do yourself.
  4. Learn tricks: heaters can be painted, outlets can actually also be painted with the right product.
  5. New outlet covers are extremely cheap and they do make a difference.
  6. Paint can hide mostly ANYTHING, if I could marry paint I probably would. It's my best friend as sad as that is to admit.
  7. If you have scrap wood laying around then use it! You can make simple furniture, decorative boxes, and replace wood rot on the cheap.
  8. Use the internet! Everything you are unsure of you can master in the click of a button. Google makes life easier.
  9. Always remember prep is everything, if you want to paint something don't skip the prep.
  10. Last but not least you do not have to be a professional at something to do it, get ideas from others. I do recommend you educate yourself on it before diving in though.